Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Plastic pollution

Plastic is killing our earth it needs to stop people take their plastic and just drop it then the plastic will fly into the sea then lots fish and other sea animals eat it and when we go fishing you wouldn't want to eat the fish because there could be plastic in their stomach. The plastic won't just go in the sea it can also get stuck in trees and birds can eat it. I just want to say stop littering we are killing animals and our earth because we need those animals to live. 💖


  1. Thanks, Ella, you make some very important points. Yes, I know people of the older generation who just don't understand and think, hey, why not plastic. You're right about avoiding plastic and recycling, too. I think it has to be a part of the education system. We need to start teaching the children at an early age, and I guess I think it is already somewhat there, so we will expect you and your generation to make really important and responsible decisions to help secure the planet and the environment!!! In Latvia, we have eko-schools, which is bascially a certified environmental programme for schools to include this teaching in their curriculum and after-school programmes also. We have an eko-club run by students, who are in charge of schoolwide projects and activities to draw attention to these matters. Do you have such a club or programme at your school and if not, maybe you could start one?

  2. I totally agree with you, Ella! You provided some really nice examples of why we don't want plastic. Still, there are people who are not convinced because when they throw their plastic in the trash, they must assume it just stays there. I think it is so great that young people like you really are concerned about this because I think you all have a better idea of what the use of plastic and other harmful practises does for the Earth. Thanks for caring and keep trying to educate us old fogies!!!