Monday, June 29, 2020

Term 2 reflection!

 1. What is one thing you have achieved this term you are proud of? 
I'm proud that I now get higher scores in basic facts now I get my scores in the 90's

2. What 3 things have I done to be IDEAL?
I have finished all my work on time- Daring to succeed.
I help my friends when they are stuck on a question- Act with respect.
I asked to help when im stuck on a question- Learn with purpose.

3. How have you contributed to the caring classroom environment of Room 13?  
I listen to people if they have something to say and I have helped others if they don't understand something. 

4. What is one goal you have, related to your learning, for the rest of the year in Room 13?
1 of my goals is to try get to the harder sheet in basic facts.

5. Think about the holidays - what is one thing you are really looking forward to? Why?
I'm excited to hangout with all my friends and see my family come down.

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